Voyage into presence, Berlin, DE

Unlock the transformative power of presence through our 3-day immersive experience designed to explore the energetic, physical, and psychological realms. Delve into your polarities, archetypes, power dynamics, and personal boundaries to deepen your connections with yourself and others.

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Thank you so much for being here with us tonight Aaron and for sharing your wisdom with us. You were so attentive and patient and have such a mellow, approachable energy. I’ve been wanting to learn about the wheel of consent for a long time and am so grateful for your teaching and delivery

This has been so expansive and informative. My mind is slightly boggled but slowly and excitedly absorbing this new incredible knowledge. Thank you for sharing your genius with us, Aaron. YOU have been such a pleasure to learn from! Would love to continue connecting with you


This has been amazing and I have so much to digest. I appreciate you sharing your wisdom with us tonight