Hey everyone, I want to share that I am so glad to be in the real world after the amazing weekend. I revel and delight in it. I find myself doing things differently. With me taking responsibility for my own desires and boundaries and also acknowledging that people are responsible for theirs my energy turns inward. I feel more present, more embodied, more empowered and more attuned to my wants and likes. I am at a seminar right now and where my archetype Goody-two-shoes would’ve followed along blindly, now I pause and ask myself if I choose to do this. I experience the shift within me so strongly and there are so many experiences, encounters where I notice it. Thank you thank you 🙏

Voyage Into Presence - Amsterdam

Dear people, i would love to share how I feel. I feel amazing after the retreat. It feels like a portal opened up. I feel love vibing through my being. I feel more present, less stressed, I feel connected to the larger scheme of things. Even though I had busy days at work (I went back to work Monday morning straight away) and the kids were fighting getting me angry too, I was still able to go back to this feeling of love and presence. I realized that what keeps me from being present is feelings I don’t want to feel. So whenever I am not present, I can tune into my feelings and body. I feel how much of a difference it makes being in this energy of love and presence. Things just flow in life. I can easily connect to people and understand what they are struggling with and what it is they need. I can be more kind. I always want life to be like this. I’m scared to lose it again. It is a deep fear in me of getting disappointed again. That I can only get a taste of this, and then go back into a black hole of non-love. And I am scared that how I feel now will go away again, I always go in waves going up and down in emotions. I also know the underlying movement of the waves is a rising line, but I feel fear trusting this. For me it is important to tune into this fear as well and just feel it, not running away, allowing it to exist. Wishing you all a lovely day and hope to connect soon. 💚 Eva

Voyage Into Presence - Amsterdam

Art Buchwald once said, “the best things in life aren’t things.” Aaron Mandelbaum is one of the best things in life. I have known Aaron for over 20 years and watched and experienced his ability to work with people of all walks of life become uniquely extraordinary. Aaron, as a personal and professional coach,  as well as a strategy consultant in social media marketing, brings a profound and perceptive attention to all his clients. Just in the way he listens, I found we got to the heart of the matter, personal or professional, in every meeting. Aaron is not out to impress anyone; he simply has done what it takes to empower any person with any matter whatsoever. If you are someone who is out for the next level in business or in life, I highly recommend that you work with Aaron Mandelbaum. He is a surprise and a delight.

Tony Smith CEO, VSA Consulting Group, LLC.

Aaron created a solid container well before our session with poignant inquiry and detailed communication. When we met in person, he brought his calm, loving presence, which helped me to feel spacious, safe and comfortable as we laid out our intentions and boundaries and created a sacred container together. Our session was a co-creation but Aaron’s smooth energy and perceptive intuition helped to guide and contain the session in, what felt like, a bubble of light. He knew when to encourage the flow and when to hold space and just allow. I still feel the reverberations of his healing touch.

Tracy g.

“Aaron is an exquisite space holder: super calm, super grounded, and super attuned. I have always felt completely safe in any container that he’s held. And he has held some pretty wild ones that I’ve participated in!I am quite in awe of the magic, beauty, and healing that has resulted both for me and many others that I shared these spaces with. Aaron is also just a wonderful and absolutely hilarious human. I feel my life becoming more interesting and enjoyable around him. May we all be so lucky to get to work with someone like Aaron!”- Carter C

We all have a deep inner knowings. Aaron is adept at asking the questions that allow clients to intentionally connect with these personal truths. He functions as a an ambassador, reintroducing parts of self that may have lost touch with each other. A session with Aaron is like coming home to oneself.

Above all, Aaron is compassionate and collaborative. He assists the client in creating a container to hold the experience, and empowers the individual to navigate their inner mappings. If the client is the architect, Aaron is the reliable contractor. If the individual is steering the healing journey, Aaron serves as a fantastic co-pilot.

cara o

A direct specific result of working with him , one time, was the ability to look strangers in the eye while walking about the neighborhood. ( this resulted in a greater connection with the whole world at large)

Being held by Aaron Damian Tyrone is being held by the unconditional love of the void. In ritual, the space held is so solidly anchored in loving neutrality that your being is safe to surrender to the deepest depths. A thoughtful deep listener, Aaron conducts a space that satisfies each level of consciousness and welcomes your psyche to relax and receive the medicinal transmission. It is so powerful to feel so deeply held through a transformative process. Thank you Aaron for your steadfast devotion to creating and holding powerful containers of transformation. 🖤🙏🏽🖤

Erin S

He creates a safe space energetically and holds a fun and light container in his wizardy ways. He is supportive and funny and serious in a way that sheds light on the truth without being condescending, allowing everyone in the room to breathe. I appreciate how much knowledge and history and facts Aaron is able to weave together into a simple synthesis, that can be perspective-shifting. Aaron shows up authentically and vulnerably in a very casual way, creating a really big permission field for the groups he works with.

Aaron is an incredible healer, magician, compassionate human. when I first met Aaron, I immediately sensed the depth of his presence. He felt so anchored & rooted & because of that , it allowed me to feel rested. which is not always common for me. His genuine interest in what I have to say, and what others have to say, reflects the depth of his heart, of his true love & willingness to show  up here & make his contribution to our planet by sharing his gifts & wisdom & space holding & capacity . He’s a powerful grounded being of light & love. and generous compassion

Veronica C

My bodywork from Aaron felt safe, nourishing,  and solid.


The affects of our single session have been multifaceted. I’ve experienced healing, empowerment, and integration.


Having someone skillfully and sincerely address the whole of me in a intentional and sacred way pulled my mind, body soul fragments together in the way I’ve only previously experienced with lovers.


To say his direct sincere service can be life changing is not an overstatement. 

Joeann Costa

Aaron Mandelbaum is located powerfully at the intersection of being a deep pleasure to work with and terrific effectiveness. I’ve known Aaron as my Consultant  in technology and digital marketing strategy, as a leader on The Cutting Edge of transitions men in America are undertaking, and as a man making a real difference in our communities, especially in his work in public health.

Aaron is a rare combination of technical savvy, strategic insight and what it takes to communicate those gifts  with patience and understanding to business leaders, owners, business teams, and simply to human beings. He does this all with an very understated yet beguiling calm that centers the boat in the face of a storm. Hiring Aaron Mandelbaum will surprise you with its return on investment, strategically, humanly and financially. I highly recommend that you get to experience the pleasure of working with Aaron Mandelbaum.

Thank you Aaron for sharing your time and expertise with us! This was a fun conversation and I’m excited to continue exploring life through the wheel of consent lens

This has been amazing and I have so much to digest. I appreciate you sharing your wisdom with us tonight

Thank you for your rails and knowledge and gentleness with this transmission

Thank you Aaron for revealing to me about the Pleasure Ceiling and expanding my own perception of how important pleasure is for our health and how much more I can have of it. It was incredible, thank you! Looking forward to connect more

This has been so expansive and informative. My mind is slightly boggled but slowly and excitedly absorbing this new incredible knowledge. Thank you for sharing your genius with us, Aaron. YOU have been such a pleasure to learn from! Would love to continue connecting with you

You have such a fun and magnetic energy! Thank you for sharing your expertise with us, I’m looking forward to digesting and integrating it 🙂

mmmm yes men talking about consent is so hot

Thank you so much for being here with us tonight Aaron and for sharing your wisdom with us. You were so attentive and patient and have such a mellow, approachable energy. I’ve been wanting to learn about the wheel of consent for a long time and am so grateful for your teaching and delivery

Thank you for being you and bringing your gifts here tonight and sharing them with us.💖 Excited to ask for what I want!!!🔥

Thank you Aaron ❤ I’m excited to learn more about this and lean into taking time to slow down and wake up my hands in the morning as a nice lil practice. You are so appreciated!

Yes to the hands pleasure practice! I love that we’re taking that on