Brooklyn, NY

April 19 - 21st

Unlock the transformative power of presence through our 3-day immersive experience designed to explore the energetic, physical, and psychological realms. 

Delve into your polarities, archetypes, power dynamics, and personal boundaries to deepen your connections with yourself and others.

Voyage Into Presence

Voyage Into Presence

Brooklyn 19-21st, 2024

Brooklyn’s deep voyage includes:

  • 3-day deep dive program and flow with an experienced and passionate team

  • Healthy & delicious snacks

  • Surprises

  • Integration follow-up after the training

Early Bird Tickets $475.00 USD until 4/1

Regular Tickets $550.00 USD

Location: Youtopia DreamSpace – 128 Jefferson Ave, Brooklyn, NY

Voyage Into Presence Is for you if you want to:

  • Live life in the here and 
  • Explore yourself in a ritualistic way
  • Increase satisfaction & peace
  • Express your authentic desires
  • Explore self-pleasure
  • Learn to stay present
  • Enjoy a safer container/laboratory for mutual growth
  • Develop deep connections
  • Expand your community
  • Learn new tools 


9:30 am till Late each day.

Morning dance.

Full day of rituals and experiences.

Breaks for Lunch and Dinner.

Evening guided temple nights.


  • Day 1 Energetic body rituals: Feel the experience of the world beyond your physical body. Connect with the space that exists between you and another.
  • Day 2 Physical body rituals: Find presence through touching and being touched to uncover new boundaries and power structures.
  • Day 3 Internal world rituals: Tap your inner polarities and archetypes to learn who is pulling our strings and to give voice to the unheard within.

Find your authentic connection with the now.

Awaken Your Senses:

Through sensory exploration and rituals, you will awaken your dormant senses, your primal power, and learn to appreciate the world in a new light.

Drop What Doesn’t Serve:

Release the baggage that holds you back and experience a profound connection with the current of existence, yourself, and others.

Authentic and Pleasurable Intimacy:

to explore your desires and boundaries together with each other in a safe and deep space, and not just once, experience three deep days.

Connect through Wholeness:

Balance your feminine/masculine, light/dark energy. Feel through your energetic body into your physical body and land in the now.


  • Uniquely “Brooklyn”
  • Energetically transformative and  welcoming portal
  • Mirrors, fluff, bathtub, magic, and more!

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These agreements allow us to smoothly and safely move through the experience together. They ensure we can get to all the elements of the agenda in a way that is supportive to the field.